Al Midrar Institute.

Enlightenment with Education.

Al-Midrar Institute is an Islamic Centre that provides education of Islamic Jurisprudence, Spirituality, Exegesis of Al-Quran, Al-Hadith, Arabic Grammar and Principles of Understanding Islamic Shariah, Islamic Creed & Methodology and its Application, with the help of Qualified Scholars and Shyookhs of Shariah, expert in teaching the Subjects of Islamic Education. Al-Midrar aims to open easy channels of attaining Islamic Education in form of Executive Courses, Weekly Workshops and Lectures and Yearly Certified Programs to produce Researchers and Scholars from Different fields of the Society.


1. Shaykh ul Hadith Jamia Sattaria
Mehmmod ul Hassan (hafidahullah). Ustaz of Saheeh al Bukhari at Al Midrar Institute

2. Shaykh ul Hadith Jamia Mahad ul Qura’an :
Shaykh Khaleel ur Rahmaan Aziz (hafidahullah). Ustaaz of Sunan Arba (Sunan Tirmizi, Abi Dawood, Nisai & Ibn e Maaja) at Al Midrar Institute

3. Ustaadh Adeel Arfeen is the Head of Research and Development along with Instructor of Islamic Creed and Principle of Jurisprudence at Al-Midrar Institute.

4. Grand Mufti of Sindh Shaykh Khaleel ur Rahman Lakhvi (Hafizahullah), Graduate Madinah University , also holds a Phd Doctorate Degree. Mufti of Al Midrar Institute.

5. Shaykh Atif Ahmed (Certified in Quranic Exegesis by Mohaddis Mufassir Grand Shaykh ul Hadith Mufti Molana Abdullah Amjad Chatwi (hafidahullah), holds two Sanad Ijaaza of Saheeh al Bukhari), Dean of Al Midrar Institute and Ustaaz of Aqeeda, Usool and Tafsir.

6. Ustaadh Waqeeh Ali, Instructor of Arabic Grammar (Ilm un Nahav and Ilm us Sarf) at Al Midrar Institute

7. Sarang Abdul Rahman Wafai (Graduate from London School of Economics). Instructor of Management Courses, Political Law, History and Economics.

8. Ustaadh Arsalan Saleem (An Entrepreneur) and an Instructor of Arabic Grammer and Principle of Zakaat at Al Midrar Institute.

9. Ustaadh Huzaifa Kapadia (Graduate from IOBM and pursuing Masters in Marketing) Instructor of Hadith, Principle of exegesis and principles of methodologies at Al Midrar Institute.

Our Vision
We aspire to be an institute that serves all professionals seeking education, knowledge, professional development, or inspiration based on Islamic values.

Al Midrar aims to provide applicative Islamic Knowledge to the masses. A group of well-trained Speakers & Instructors, who had their training and working experiences in Pakistan and abroad, to cater to all types of clientele.

Our Background
Al Midrar is a private educational institution established in 2014, Karachi. Its foundations were laid by Sheikh Atif Ahmed, the Dean of Al Midrar.

Al Midrar came about as a catalyst for educational exchange. It met the need for a central point of contact and source of information for both the Traditional Islamic Institutions, and the modern corporate world. It creates customized courses based on the client’s requirements, specializing in Principles of Management Sciences, Human Behavioral Psychology, History, Spiritual Economics, Perceptional Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Ethics and Philosophy with the outlook of Islamic values.

Al Midrar Institute is lead under the guidance of:

Sheikh Khaleel ur Rahman Lakhvi (Hafizahullah),
Dean of Mahd-ul-Quran, Phd Doctorate. Mufti of Al Midrar Institute (Grand Mufti of Sindh).

Sheikh Mehmmod ul Hassan (Hafidahullah).
Sheikh ul Hadith Jamia Sattaria

Sheikh Khaleel ur Rahmaan Aziz (Hafidahullah)
Sheikh ul Hadith Jamia Mahad ul Qura’an and Mufti of Al Midrar Institute.

The Institute’s mission and culture have produced an exceptional record of achievement. Al Midrar has been invited to various educational forums, such as “Uniform Education System” conference, to present its model of education. The Institute has been involved with all major stakeholders in the education industry. From schools, colleges, universities, to corporate organizations, Al Midrar has been providing its services wholeheartedly for the betterment of the muslims, and the country of Pakistan.

Our Speakers