Ustaadh Waqeeh Ali
Ustaad Waqeeh Ali
Ustaadh Waqeeh Ali is a prominent speaker, delivering regular talks and workshops on youth-related issues of life and purpose. He has been popular among youth for his sessions on leadership, self-development, human psychology, etc.

He currently holds the Directorship of Al-Munadi, a training organization which helps youth to learn the principles of all the principles of living life with a blend of both side of educational system. Due to his extensive experience and research in the field of dawah and training, along with his knowledge of the Islamic traditions, he is able to teach character values and ethics in a way unlike any other

He is the Managing Director of Al-Midrar Institute, providing education in the field of Islamic Shariah Sciences. He is the faculty head of Arabic Language and Quranic Exegesis.

He is the Hafiz of the Holy Quran and got the Sanad-e-Ijazah of Quranic Exegesis from different renowned scholars of Pakistan.

He has been invited to many universities, schools and colleges as a guest speaker including IBA, MAJU, PACC, SZABIST, Bahria and many other renowned institutes of Pakistan.

As a corporate trainer, he has provided employee trainings to different organizations helping them create a culture of loyalty and trust among the employees for the company.